Mindy proudly plays and is endorsed by these fine companies:


      Sabian Cymbals

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“Sabian Cymbals add a unique voice to my live performances and precise tone control in studio. The craftsmanship and quality design deliver consistent and  unparalleled performance.  Sabian  is THE drummer’s cymbal, designed for the sounds we crave as well as the durability and reliability to handle the rough roads ahead. …Mindy Wright”

Mindy’s Sabian’s

HHX 22 1/2″ Stage Ride
Vault Universal Ride 21″
AAX 18″ X-Plosion Crash
AAX 19″ X-Plosion Crash
HHX 14″ Groove Hats

The Craviotto Drum Company

Craviotto Drums are exceptional!  Capable of clean massive sound like they are mic’d sitting in any room without a PA device, my Craviotto’s guarantee that every nuance of my performance is hitting the crowd right in the sweet spot.  Tuning the drums are very even and no trouble at all.  My Craviotto’s are Blackwash Lacquer.  I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes onmindy_wright_drummer_img_2 them!  The detailed hand finish resembled the beauty of a Steinway Grand Piano.  They are very classy, yet they’ll Rock any stage with any genre of music.  These drums resonate and sustain quite longer that any other drum sets I have ever played.  Craviottos are THE highest of quality, solid shell, American made drums.  My Craviotto snare is a 6 1/2″ maple drum. The crisp clean sound, outperforms any other snare drum in my book, responding in a range from subtle to dynamic giving me a spectrum of percussive emotion not found in any other snare .  You’ll never have to buy another snare drum again!  It will do whatever you want it to do  Every gig I’ve ever had, somebody will come up afterwards and want to know, what snare drum I was playing.  Craviotto drums are worth every penny, not only getting what you pay for but exceeding expectation in both live and studio work.  Craviotto Drums are for the serious players.  Steve Gadd once said, “Fills give Thrills, but groove pays the bills.”  These drums groove like no other.  This is why I play Craviotto Drums.

My Blackwash Lacquer drums sizes are:
Bass Drum 22″ x 14″
Floor Tom 16″ x 16″
Floor Tom 16″ x 18″
Tom 7.5″ x 10
Tom 8″ x 12″
Tom 9″ x 13″
Craviotto Snare: Solid Maple 6 1/2″ x 14″

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Prentice Practice Pads


Prentice Practice Pads adjustable playing surface gives me the warm up I need.  The design acts as a sound chamber, with an embedded rubber pad giving clear notes and great action.  It’s great for travel, allowing me to practice or warm up without creating a nuisance to the folks in the next room.  I take my Prentice with me wherever I go!