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Proud to announce my endorsement by Craviotto Drum Company!

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Mindy & John Craviotto


Mindy & David Victor, General Manager
Mindy & David Victor, General Manager




Sending a shout out to Chris Coleman, Matt Garstka, Gergo Borlai, and Thomas Lang.  It was great to meet you all!

NAMM 2016

Anaheim, California

I want to express my gratitude to Bob Rupp and all the folks at the Sabian booth for making me feel like part of the Sabian family!

mindy_wright_drummer_namm2016 copy

PASIC 2015

San Antonio Texas

mindy_wright_pasic_2015 copy

As an artist, attending the PASIC show gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest talents of our age.  From first rate presentations and clinics to new products, instruments PASIC opens the door to new styles, sounds, elevating personal performance to new levels.   Networking throughout the show is a key element of attending this event, and I thank all of the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting.pasic_2015 copy