Mindy gets her Bonzo mojo going on a classic Zep tune, Enjoy

Classic from The Who and Moon in his prime. Mindy Rocks It!



Compilation video of Mindy playing along to 5 songs doing what she does best
holding the beat staying in the pocket and rocking out.


Garage rehearsal of the song Fugitive by Mean Mary and The Contrarys.
Mary James on guitar & vocals
Frank James on guitar & vocals
Walter Cellini on bass
Mindy Wright on drums


Fun night at Crawdaddy’s in Cookeville, TN! We played some originals, some covers,
and then just jammed for awhile! Mindy Wright on drums, Jim Brown on bass, Frank
James on 12-string guitar, and Mary James (Mean Mary) on banjo, fiddle, and guitar.


Mindy going Country! Yeah



This was shot with a GoPro using it’s internal mic so the audio is kind of rough. We
had a lot of fun that night jamming for 4 hours!
Mary James (Mean Mary) on banjo
Frank James on 12-string guitar
Walter Cellini on bass
Mindy Wright on drums